FS1 Extended Hours (EDC 30 hours)

FS1 Extended Day Care (30 Hours)

St David’s School provides a high quality nursery setting for our 3-4 year old children.  This normally operates between 0845 and 1145hrs. It is now possible to extend your child’s time with us until 1445hrs.  We call this extra provision FS1 Extended Day Care or FS1 EDC. During this time your child will be offered lunch and will take part in a tailored afternoon programme that is age and stage appropriate. 

When does the provision operate?

FS1 EDC is open for 38 weeks a year, on all normal school days with a few exceptions.  At the end of each term (December, March, July) the school closes at 1200hrs. The school also normally closes early during Fasching and the NATO Families Day.  These events will be notified in advance and there will be no charge for these sessions.  

How to sign up

If you would like your child to attend until 1445hrs please notify our school office.  The office will issue an application form (also available via our website) which will need to be filled in and returned before a place can be assigned.  Places will be limited and a waiting list will be implemented if necessary. Where several families apply at the same time, places will be offered on a first come first served basis with preference given to families entitled to free places.  


Session costs are set centrally by the MOD.  At the time of writing the sessions cost is £15.60 per day.  Bills are raised by our UK office. If you experience any difficulties with this please contact our school office and we will provide support.   Please note that once sessions are booked we require 4 working weeks notice for cancellation.  

UK Parents

Childcare Vouchers can be used to pay for this provision.  Please use the following details when linking your Sodexo account with us:

  • Carer ID: 169974
  • Carer Name: HQ SCE Nurseries, BFPO 40
  • Carer Address: Haig School, Mansergh Barracks, Gutersloh
  • Carer Post Code: BFPO 113

Should you have any problems with the above details please let Mr Redman know via the school office.  

UK/MoD parents who are both working may be able to obtain funding for the FS1 EDC place.  In addition to the school application form please also fill in this application form and provide the supporting evidence requested at the following link: here.  Please ask our office staff if you have any further questions or consult the relevant DINs which can be accessed via the Defence Intranet; 30 hours free childcare DIN 201701-122 ONA DIN 2017DIN01-167.

Our afternoon programme

Children taking part in our FS1 EDC will have a range of activities across the afternoon.  The children have access to the FS classroom, outside play, our large hall space and our school library.  The needs of the children will be taken into account when planning any activities.


Children can either have a packed lunch provided by you or a school meal. We cater for a wide range of tastes and our small size means that we can often meet individual needs. Please discuss with our office staff if you wish to opt in to school meals.  We are a no-nut school and we provide fresh water at the table for the children. The children will have adults on hand to support them during lunchtime.