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St David’s School is a small British school located close to Ramstein Airbase (RAB). We offer a British education, with an international flavour, to children between 3 and 11 years of age in Ramstein, Germany.

We are a values-based school and aim to educate the “whole person”. Children are encouraged to develop lively and enquiring minds, a strong sense of self-esteem and the self-discipline that comes from working within our carefully planned curriculum. Our children are immersed in a creative classroom environment, which is themed to our learning focus. Our integrated curriculum approach exposes children to rich real-life experiences, inside and outside the classroom, which develops a deep contextual understanding and love of learning.

It is our aim that all of our children will be inspired, empowered and that they will enjoy success across a range of areas.  Children know that, through their efforts, they can achieve success. They understand the challenges we currently face in the world and actively seek to be part of the solution- they will know that they can make a difference.

Our Mission

Our school’s core purpose is to provide a first class British education to our children. We provide our children with an engaging, exciting and balanced curriculum. We work to ensure all students have the highest possible levels of emotional well being and make excellent educational progress. We actively support children and parents. We are ambitious in our aims for all children. In their time at our school it is our aim that each child will make excellent progress.

This is achieved through a range of approaches including:

  • Rigorous and outward facing staff development
  • Dynamic teaching and assessment of learning to ensure best outcomes
  • A wide and balanced curriculum with exciting opportunities for the children

We trust our website is helpful and informative, however, do not hesitate to contact us if further information or an appointment to visit the school would be helpful.

John Redman
Head Teacher