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Illness and Medical Appointments

If your child is unwell please call the school office before 0900 on the first day of absence and on each subsequent day of absence.

For relevant guidance please see the government policy for health protection in schools and other childcare facilities. This useful document includes a table detailing the exclusion periods required for various infections.

Symptoms of CV19 and Absence - Current Policy

Symptoms of CV19 and Absence

Updated 24/07/22

Please see the revised arrangements below – effective immediately:

All staff and parents are advised to use the Corona Warn App.

Signs and Symptoms

If a staff member or child has any of the following symptoms:

  • A new cough
  • A high temperature (37.5+)
  • A loss of, or change in, normal sense of taste or smell
  • Shortness of breath
  • Rhinitis (blocked nose) 
  • Sore throat
  • Cold symptoms
  • Headache and aching limbs
  • General weakness

The person in question should not come to school.  Due to the difficulties in recognising covid and for the general wellbeing of our school we ask that ill children remain at home even if lateral flow tests suggest your child is Covid negative.  When you inform us of your child’s illness we will normally discuss your circumstances.  A child who is ill with any of the above symptoms should have a Covid test to rule out or confirm Covid.  Parents are required to inform the school of any positive test regardless of test type.  There are arrangements we must put into place and waiting for confirmation tests could put someone at risk.  Vacinated or recovered children/staff are able to return to school when they are no longer symptomatic.    

The German authorities expect parents to keep the school informed about the absence, and the outcome of any medical examination.  

If you are refused or unable to obtain a test and would like one please let our office know as we may be able to provide further guidance.   

There are a range of test centres available close to or in Ramstein.  

The approach (being required to stay off school) may be modified based on clinical assessment and/or results (eg, a doctors note) that are shared and discussed with the school prior to a child or staff member returning.  


Medicine that may mask symptoms

If your child has had to take medications in the last 24hrs (such as paracetamol/acetaminophen, ibuprofen or aspirin) which may mask symptoms of infection please discuss this with the office prior to bringing them to school.  It will depend on the circumstances whether your child may need to stay at home.  

What are the objectives of these measures?

We are aiming to protect our staff, children and operational output during the ongoing pandemic by keeping the school as open as possible. We are also seeking to protect any members of our school and community who are more vulnerable.  Thank you for your continued vigilance and support with this.  

Covid-19 Frequently Asked Questions

Please contact the office for the latest information. 

Q My child has had a close contact with a Covid positive person, what should I do?

All children:

  • Watch for symptoms – if any Covid symptoms emerge then a PCR or PoC test is required and they should stay off school until there are no symptoms regardless of test outcome,
  • They can return to school as normal as long as symptoms do not emerge,
  • The school will ask for daily testing for 5 calendar days (day 1 is the first day after the contact), 

If the close contact is a member of your family please see the additional notes in, ‘There is a covid postive person in my household.’

In all cases please contact the school to let us know the situation.


Q My child’s home test was postive but the official test was negative, what should I do?

The liklihood that your home test has accurately reported a postive result is extremely high  (over 99.5%).  If the quick test at the centre is negative this is most likely an erronous result.  Your child should stay at home until the home tests are reporting that they are negative.  We may be able to provide one or more tests should you need them, please contact the office.  

Q What happens if someone in my child’s class tests positive?

Currently there are no special arrangments for school based close contacts.  


Q There is a covid positive person in my household, what should I do?

Your child can continue to attend as follows:

  • Please contact our school office to discuss 
  • Watch for symptoms –  children should stay off school if they have any symptoms  
  • We ask that children are tested each day before school, for the duration that there is a positive person in the household. After testing your child please complete the online declaration linked at the top of this page 
  • Please provide your child with a clean mask each day, to be worn inside at school. 


Q My child has tested positive, what do we do next?

  • The child must isolate for a minimum of 5 days, with at least 2 days symptom free before return
  • before return (which can be on the 6th day) we ask that you test your child to ensure that they are not still contagious.  If they test postive they should stay off until the test returns a negative result.  Please discuss with our office for further guidance. 


Q What will be the impact of further cases on school opening?

We remain under the direction of the German health authorities.  They monitor cases we report and will advise accordingly should further cases emerge.  They may instruct class closures or school closure depending on the number and severity of cases.


Q A member of our household has returned from a risk area or area of variant risk.

The traveller must follow the German guidance (view in Chrome).   If the child has returned from a variant risk area please consult the guidance.  Early release using a test may not be possible.


Q Where can I find more information on RLP rules?

Please note that some rules for St David’s will differ from RLP rules.  If in doubt please contact our office.

Covid rules for RLP can be found here.  We suggest using Chrome to translate the FAQ to English.

Non-Medical/Illness Absence

To request a period of absence not due to illness, please complete the form below.  This form applies from FS1-Y6.  

Ideally requests should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the absence.  The Head or Assistant Head Teacher may want to meet with you to discuss the absence prior to making a decision.  Please provide as much information on the form as possible to support a swift decision.  

Please note: Visits to new schools are generally approved as long as the shortest possible time of visit is arranged and options to visit during holiday periods have been fully explored.  

Remote Learning Arrangements

If your child is in good health but is off school due to our CV19 policy we provide enhanced remote support.  This is accessed via Seesaw and our remote learning hubs (password required) and includes activities set and reviewed by the teachers.  Please phone our office if you need support accessing these areas.

If your child is ill we do not routinely provide remote support for learning.

If your child is absent for exeptional reasons, and the absence has been notified via our form below, we will provide you, on direct request to the class teacher, with additional reading books and guidance.