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 Illness and Medical Appointments

If your child is unwell please call the school office before 0900 on the first day of absence and on each subsequent day of absence.

For relevant guidance please see the government policy for health protection in schools and other childcare facilities. This useful document includes a table detailing the exclusion periods required for various infections.

Non-Medical/Illness Absence

To request a period of absence not due to illness, please complete the form below.  This form applies from FS1-Y6.  

Ideally requests should be made at least 2 weeks prior to the absence. The Head or Assistant Head Teacher may want to meet with you to discuss the absence prior to making a decision.  Please provide as much information on the form as possible to support a swift decision.  

Please note: Visits to new schools are generally approved as long as the shortest possible time of visit is arranged and options to visit during holiday periods have been fully explored.

School Attendance: Parental Leaflet 

Absence Policy